Our People

Currently Bowden Environmental is comprised of : Erin, John and Christine. Each member of the staff has their own speciality ranging from engineering to geology to business skills. Between them the company has worked on the investigation and the assessment of the environmental effects on flood protection works, waste discharges, groundwater abstractions, surface water abstraction, gravel extraction & stockpile, effluent discharge and storage, works within riverbeds, bores and galleries, step and constant discharge tests.


Erin Harvie

Erin has completed her Master of Science, and has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Hons І) in Environmental Management. Erin’s Masters Research focused on glacial geomorphology in the Mount Cook area. This research has combined non-invasive geophysical technique, which images the structure of the subsurface with detailed investigation of glacial sediments to determine the origin of the glacial landforms.

Erin is ECan accredited for the Auditing of Farm Environment Plans and is also a member of the Waimakariri Water Zone Committee.




Christine Mawhinney

 Christine holds a Bachelor of Science in Geology and Geography and a Post Graduate   Diploma of Science in Geography, completed at University of Canterbury. Her background includes a variety of administrative roles in local electricity and well drilling industries before joining the team at Bowden Environmental in January 2011.



John Talbot

John’s formal qualification is a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Canterbury, where his speciality research area was in water resources (hydrology and groundwater). John is a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng). 

John’s working career in resource management and environmental engineering has been extensive in all types of resource investigations (land, water, air, rivers, groundwater, riverbeds, wetlands, water quality, irrigation, aquifer pumping tests, discharges, treatment facilities, infrastructure), policy and plan development (under all local legislation, e.g. Resource Management, Biosecurity, Transport, Maritime Transport, Civil Defence), regulation development, resource consent application assessments, resource consent commissioner decision-making, compliance monitoring, cost objection decision-making, pre-hearings, hearing attendances, submissions, Environment Court attendances and consent order mediation.



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