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When visiting our office we require you to scan in via the COVID-19 tracer app or sign in if you don't have the app.
All our staff are vaccinated and only fully vaccinated staff will be visiting, on site  or attending meetings with you.
Please let us know if you are not vaccinated.

The office will close at noon on Thursday 23 December 2021 and reopen at 8:30am on Wednesday 5th January 2022. We wish all our clients and families all the joys of the season and thank you for your continued support. We look forward to working with you next year.

Bowden Consultancy (trading name Bowden Environmental) was established in 1997 by Michael Bowden and March 2021 marked the 24th anniversary for this Kaiapoi based locally owned business.

The company was set up initially to assist individuals and businesses that required specialist expertise in water resources engineering involving hydrology, hydraulics and water resource systems. The core business of Bowden Environmental is helping farmers, farm managers and other landowners obtain resource consent for their farming practices. The requirements for gaining resource consent can be a complicated process for farmers, so Bowden Environmental is here to assist in the process.

The company has expanded its operations and services which relate to all aspects of groundwater and surface water consents, effluent discharges, management plans and storage, water supply and services, reticulation, resource management and site investigation. The company also has a broad experience of council and environmental court hearings, compliance and environmental monitoring programmes and reports.

Significant experience has been gained and is routinely called upon to provide in field data collection and analysis (e.g. aquifer testing, surface water gauging, and water quality testing).

The company has undertaken several high profile Commissioner appointments on behalf of a number of South Island Regional and District Councils over the years.

We look forward to a bright future as your choice in a Canterbury owned and operated environmental consultancy.

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Bowden Environmental

 We are delighted to share that our team are 100% vaccinated for COVID.



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